Bizarre ‘A’ Lister beauty tips

Because A List” celebrities are constantly in front of the camera, they and their “glam squad” are always looking for new skin care products that promise youthful and radiant skin. Some of the latest beauty trends, might seem a bit “out there”, but appear to be getting rave reviews from” A-Listers”. One of the most controversial are face creams incorporating placenta protein, said to stimulate skin renewal and reduce the appearance of fine lines. These creams have been endorsed by the likes of non-squeamish celebrities Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes. The products are said to achieve their miraculous anti- aging effects due to the abundant amount of vitamins, antioxidants and active enzymes present. Coffee grains! Next, coffee grains are being enthusiastically adopted as the new body scrub. Coffee may be a hot beverage to you but celebrities including Halle Berry assert that the grains make skin look brighter and look softer. Got milk? Milk has long been used by the wealthy as a beauty aid, even as far back as Cleopatra who used it in her daily bath. Cindy Crawford has continued this longstanding tradition and is said to spritz her face with milk every day to hydrate it. Since milk is rich in fats, the rationale for this is actually reasonably sound, in that it nourishes the skin. Forget toothpaste… Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones, like many of us, enjoys her strawberries but not for the reasons you might expect. She rubs them on her teeth to keep them sparkling clean and white. In fact, the malic acid present in the fruit can help whiten tooth enamel, but the beauty practice shouldn’t be overused since it could damage enamel if used more than once a week. All the above celebrities have in common beautiful skin and dazzling smiles – if these beauty tips work for them, perhaps they are worth a try. If, on the other hand you want a simpler way to beautiful skin,tryTrésor Rare’s Ultimate Pearl Essence. This multi-functional treatment brightens, de-pollutes and conditions the skin leaving it brighter and fresher looking. Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: