Tresure Rare is a luxury brand of skin care, cosmetics and perfume, which was established in 1979 and is considered to be prestigious.

Tresure Rare is a timeless brand, which is also progressive and future-thinking. A legendary brand, considered as one of the top of the world’s high-end skincare and perfume brands.

The Tresure Rare logo is composed of a wordmark, which is executed in a classy and elegant typeface. The wordmark is written all in caps, with the “T” and “R” slightly enlarged.

The clean letters of the Tresure Rare logo are clear enough to read and recognize.

The Tresure Rare also uses a symbol which is typically located above the brand name. It is a monogram, which consists of two a crown followed by the year of the brands establishment.

3The brand’s symbol, was first designed in 1975. It’s is a reflection of royalty and luxury.

The black and gold color palette of the Tresure Rare logo makes it appear elegant and luxurious.

Our updated logo represents the brand, conveying the messages of luxury all the while being up to date with modern design trends. It emphasizes our company’s strengths, and reflects on our core values. It’s more memorable and creates an impact. The modern design makes it simpler, yet conveys our core business values being luxury brand of skin care, cosmetics and perfume.