Skincare tips for frequent travelers

If your job or social life sees you getting through time zones faster than it takes most people to dodge weekday traffic, your hair and skin will need special attention. Your hectic lifestyle is probably meaning you’re not adhering to your beauty regime as thoroughly as you should. In order to keep nails, hair and skin healthy and resilient you need to stick to a few rules. For great skin, sleep has to be number one on the list, but, if you travel frequently, it’s often the first thing you lose. When traveling you often lose sleep on the night before you leave, a pattern that continues, with lengthy flights and time zone changes affecting your sleep patterns. Once you arrive at your destination, your vacation or business commitments may rule out a much-needed catch up, too. Drink plenty of water Lack of sleep means your skin can’t replenish itself like usual, and the travel schedule will also leave it dehydrated. That means you need to drink plenty of water – more than the daily recommended allowance – and you should aim to drink more in the days leading up to a trip. Travel light Rather than using the tantalizing little bottles of shampoo, moisturizers and cleansers available in your hotel room, use your own tried and tested products. These work for you and aren’t likely to irritate your skin or leave your hair frizzy. Taking travel sizes of your own products is your best bet for maintaining your usual beauty routine. Another tip is to keep your beauty essentials in a separate traveling bag, rather than in the main luggage to save you digging around for them later. And don’t forget to bring an SPF face and body sunblock of higher than 30, along with a sun-protective lip treatment, to keep skin safe from the sun’s rays. Next time you travel make sure you take a high performance moisturizer with you to help keep your skin hydrated and supple. Trésor Rare’s Complete Age Defying Facial Treatment Cream is nourishing and conditioning, and helps to diminish the signs of fine lines – a great pick-me-up for tired, jetlagged skin. Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: