Trésor Rare Wins Pure Beauty Awards 2015

Trésor Rare Wins Pure Beauty Awards 2015 Beauty enthusiasts have spoken and critics agree: Trésor Rare is worth celebrating. The Pure Beauty Awards recognizes beauty brands and innovative cosmetic products that redefine skin care, beauty, and cosmetic retail. These innovations stun and inspire the masses to reinvent beauty and excite audiences. While all of the nominees have been chosen by seasoned beauty experts that hold voting membership, the readers of Pure Beauty and other beauty enthusiasts are the ones that choose the winners. The winners are placed in one of a multitude of categories for skincare, anti-aging, hair care, dental care, and fragrance for both men and women. For the Pure Beauty Awards of 2015, the board took the time to showcase the newest perfume line from Trésor Rare as one of the winners in the Best New Female Fragrance category The rosé-colored Trésor Rare Parfumerie line is composed of scents that have been derived from rare fruits, flowers, herbs, and fragrant musk. Each perfume has been carefully hand-crafted to cast an aura for the wearer, no matter what the occasion may be. More so, each perfume has been designed to be unique for each wearer. When perfume is applied, the body diffuses the elements in the formula, pushing through the skin and changing the scent into something that not be captured in a mere bottle or small vial. It becomes just as uncontained as you are, just as most exclusive trademarks are. Previously exclusive to independent boutiques, the Trésor Rare Parfumerie line is now available online. Ready for stand-alone presentation or to be wrapped and presented as a holiday gift, the fragrances of the Trésor Rare Parfumerie are sure to astound anyone on your list. Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: