Staying Beautiful When Flying

New rules on air travel mean you can’t take liquids on planes in your hand luggage. This means you no longer have the option of keeping your perfume, moisturizer or even lip gloss at your side. As a beauty-conscious traveler, this state of affairs need not dismay you – here are some tips to ensure you stay looking your best without having to make a mad scramble through your checked in luggage before setting off. Cut down on caffeine before your journey. Tea, coffee and sodas are dehydrating for the skin. Drink water or snack on fruits with a high water content such as berries, mangoes and oranges. Once on the flight avoid alcohol since this will dehydrate you too. Moisturize before flying – use a rich, creamy moisturizer to keep skin glowing right through the journey. Tresor Rare’s Complete Age Defying Facial Treatment Cream will help keep skin supple and hydrated right through your flight. The Complete Age Defying Facial Skin Concentrate is also perfect for a post-travel pick me-up. Seek out powder alternatives to your usual shampoo and conditioner, or find a perfume in solid form. Consider bringing some baby powder, for a quick refresh on route. Cleansing ‘towelettes’ are another great way to refresh the skin during your flight, and facial blotting tissues will keep your skin matte and shine free. Try long-lasting cosmetics for a look that will last you the entire journey. Long wear eye shadow won’t cake or smudge, while there are many longer lasting eyeliners and lip liners that promise to stay the distance. Many jet-setters are promoting the benefits of mineral foundations for their staying power allowing them to look good when greeted by paparazzi at their destination. False eyelashes always make you look more wide awake than you are, while a colored lip balm will keep lips glossy and conditioned. Use these travel tips and even the longest of long-haul flights won’t leave you looking frazzled! Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: