Your Fragrance is For You

You are unlike any other human being. There are many human beings, but no one can capture the way you are and how you walk, talk, or impact that you leave behind. Your identity belongs to you and no one can replicate it because no one can take it for you. While others line up to try the newest thing that everyone else is try, wear the same clothes, or look in the same direction, you take everything that is only for you and your uncommon presence. The same goes for your fragrance. While the masses all flock to purchase the same fragrance, your favorite fragrance will become your signature scent when you apply it onto your skin. Perfume changes its scent when worn on the body, truly capturing the essence and the aura of the wearer. The science behind the reason why perfume changes scent on each person is unique. When perfume is applied, the body diffuses the elements in the formula, pushing through the skin and changing the scent into something that not be captured in a mere bottle or small vial. It becomes just as uncontained as you are, just as most exclusive trademarks. You are who and what you want to be. You are implacable and remarkable, and so is everything you take. You are what makes everything you own unique, and that includes your fragrance. Each Trésor Rare fragrance is the essence of luxury, taking a blend of unique and timeless scents that are key in creating a rare fragrance. Each one changes to a certain degree with your body chemistry, helping you to stand out in every way. Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: