Trésure-Rare is not just another luxury perfume and beauty brand, it’s a philosophy, a statement, and a state of mind, to be worn with pride to show the world you’ve arrived.

Trésure-Rare, French for “Rare Treasure” is composed of the refining effectiveness of gemstones, exfoliating diamond dust, and the smoothing properties of Deepwater pearls are all meticulously mixed with plant stem cells, liposomes, phospholipids, and selected Minerals sourced from around the world to form superb skin potions form one of the rarest skincare in the world.

Laboratory manufactured with Swiss expertise under health department license exclusively for Trésure-Rare.

The Trésure-Rare elite team of skin-care experts has pushed over the years to set a new standard in superb, age-defying skin-care products with one aim in mind: restoring skin to its most youthful appearance.

The Trésure-Rare line of products has been selected as a finalist in the HBA (Health Beauty America) Skin Care Prestige Category.

Deeply rooted in the making tradition of unique perfume and fine craftsmanship, combining only the best high-quality materials, Trésure-Rare achieved prominence in the ultra-luxury market. Thanks to the ever-ongoing research and development of unique, award-winning applications, the brand has won the favor of journalists, key celebrities and scores of satisfied customers.


The Trésure-Rare brand was created in 1979 in the UK by Mrs. Genia Russo at the age of 57. She was a French entrepreneur with a unique sense of fashion, elegance, exquisite taste, and passion for the extraordinary. She envisioned a luxurious skin care product, which would have all of the healing capabilities of all the good nature has to offer.

No expenses were spared in sourcing passionate, rare, and exquisite active ingredients from all corners of the world. No effort was spared in creating unique and luxurious skincare creations. During the 80s Trésure-Rare rose to fame in Europe and was mostly present in the UK and in Hong Kong (a British colony). The brand re-ignited its presence in 2010 under new management.

An extravagant development plan was put together for the brand, and in 2013 glory was restored to the brand with the opening of its UK flagship store located on Oxford Street, and 8 additional shops were opened that year in the USA. In addition, Trésure-Rare received international recognition for its excellence by receiving the Health Beauty America award and the Cosmetics Business UK awards. In 2014 the brand opened its Hong Kong flag shop and expanded its presence to additional major cities around the world such as Macau, Mauritius, Madrid, San Sabastian, The Bahamas, Mexico, and additional locations in the UK.

Today the brand boosts over 30 shops present on the world’s leading shopping streets.


Since pearls are perfect for every occasion, the first line of products was composed using deep-water pearls. Pearls are nature’s skin-brightening and whitening essences cultivated by the Chinese dynasties for centuries and used by Chinese royalty. Trained divers in the South China Seas handpicked the pearls. Only the lightest, brightest pink pearls were suitable and only those over a certain size were collected and ground using advanced scientific technologies.

Brown seaweed from the frozen shores of Vladivostok Russia (ex USSR) known to be one of the most effective anti-oxidants in the world was harvested only once a year during winter time when the seaweed accumulates on the shores of Vladivostok just across from Japan.

Dandelion flowers, which are used in Chinese medicine and are known to improve the radiance and the skin grain allowing the polluted skin to recover radiance characteristics, were sourced from North India. Handpicked in mid-spring and immediately extracted into a potion.

Alpine Roses grow at altitudes of 5000 feet in the Swiss Alps and were collected once a year during blooming in early spring with the melting of the ice. These extreme conditions such as the cold, UV, and dryness give this flower its unique characteristics. It helps to maintain the wellness of skin stem cells and to protect them against UV stress.

Myrtle is known as “Angel water” in Greek mythology after Aphrodite the Goddess of love and beauty.

Myrtle grown and sourced in south Europe is extracted helping to reduce the skin aging signs and to prevent premature aging.


The Trésure-Rare Parfumerie is a private collection of the sweetest scents from around the world. Each perfume changes upon contact with the skin, making each fragrance unexampled and rare in every sense of the word. Featuring an active tailor-made fragrance from which one can choose her or his exact fragrance notes from a wide selection of Eau de perfume signature collections. Each signature collection is meticulously made by our world-renowned perfumer all based on natural ingredients.


Luminous white

A unique and unexpected fragrance of absolute romance. The composition of the perfume is both mysterious and seductive, due to the rare blend of orange blossom musk, Rose lemon, and Patchouli that offer a special balance of prestige and lightness for eternal femininity.

Amber desire

An enchanting and majestic perfume, a fruity floral fragrance based on orange, peach, vanilla, and notes of white musk for an irresistible perfume. The fragrance celebrates the most secret and unique facet of femininity.

Spirituous whisper

This mysterious fragrance combines an Orient, modern, and rare blend of citrus, peach, coconut, and Patchouli. The composition of the perfume is both magical and classic, leaving a sensual and feminine trail.

Ultimate Pleasures

A seductive, alluring scent, much like the taste of the ultimate pleasure. Floral, fruity, and mysterious, this perfume has mastered rare and precious ingredients, such as oriental orange flower, heliotrope, and woody vanilla toffee for a unique and ultimate aroma.

Mystical inspiration

The first of its kind to contain such a rare and timeless blend of ingredients. Enriched with an exceptional flower essence of orange, heliotrope, and rose producing the ultimate feminine fragrance.

Summer memories

A sparkling floral fragrance like that of a summer memory. This elegant and sophisticated scent combines citrus essence with exquisite vanilla, for a legendary and outstanding fragrance. This perfume sparkles with fresh and sensual elegance.

Orient legend

A timeless perfume enriched with the rare blend of the luxurious essence of rose, gardenia, and jasmine which changes to adapt to one’s personal chemistry. These delicate flowers burst with confidence for ultimate femininity. The secret of a great fragrance.


Romantic by nature, this perfume is created with a rich blend of musk, peach, and rose for a unique and elegant feel. A powerful and long-lasting scent, this perfume represents the signature of a great aroma.


Created in harmony with nature, a timeless authentic fragrance that awakens the senses with freshness. Enriched with a captivating blend of coconut, musk, mint, and rose for a powerful, unforgettable feminine fragrance.

Blooming tribute

A dazzlingly feminine and floral fragrance, unique in its quality. A feeling of luxuriance is achieved through the exclusive and rare blend of pineapple, raspberry, and jasmine. A romantic, fruity, and timeless perfume with an irresistible fragrance.

TRÉURE-RARE PARFUMERIE & AGE DEFYING SKIN CARE LUXURY EXQUISITE, AWARD WINNING, PARFUMERIE & AGE DEFYING SKIN CARE LUXURY Trésure-Rare is not just another luxury perfume and beauty brand, it’s a philosophy, a statement, and a state of mind, to be worn with pride to show the world you’ve arrived. Trésure-Rare, French for "Rare Treasure" is composed […]