The Profound Effects of Adding Gold to Your skincare

The Profound Effects of Adding Gold to Your skincare Gold is the world’s most precious element with its eternal luster and eminence. Gold is so malleable that it can be molded by hand. Gold can be found on every continent, so it is likely that gold was the first metal used in craftsmanship. Genuine gold has been used in all cultures to add glamour to décor, clothing, jewelry, and royal artifacts, as gold never loses its distinction. In fact, gold typically displayed the amount of wealth that an individual or prominent family had. Gold was used to coat palace walls and line furniture, spun into thread that was woven into fabric and robes, dangled from ears and necks, and became the material with which crowns and scepters were made. Gold, after all, is indestructible, and does not tarnish or rust. Gold relics uncovered today would look the same as they did when they were buried or lost thousands of years ago. Throughout history gold has also been valued for its health benefits. Historians have found concrete evidence to prove that royalty used pure gold in facials and other skin care treatments to keep their complexions positively impeccable. Most notably, the Last Pharaoh Cleopatra used thin sheets of gold for her facial treatments to maintain her famous beauty. While our descendants had wisdom on their side, scientists now know that gold has miraculous anti-inflammatory properties. When suspended in a liquid formula and injected into joints, gold can treat conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. It appears that the precious material can turn back time and prevent new signs of aging from ever emerging. The anti-inflammatory properties of gold can treat tired and sensitive skin. These anti-inflammatory properties can also prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the exact fibers that keep skin firm and young looking. By maintaining these levels of collagen and elastin, gold helps to prevent or treat fine lines and wrinkles. The warmth that gold emits brightens skin and refracts the appearance of aged skin. Gold dissolves on the skin’s surface and reflects light while tiny particles seep into pores to protect skin from fine lines and discoloration. Gold acts as a conductor, so energy and body heat incubate to brighten the complexion. Keeping up with the ancient greats from hundreds of years ago, the world’s top scientists and dermatologists now use 24 karat gold dust and colloidal gold in their signature skin care treatments. Within the last decade, the world’s elite have started using gold-infused cosmetics in their beauty routines. Celebrities and other influential socialites swear by creams and spa facials that feature gold as the main ingredient. Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: