Luxury Skincare Treatments & Tips

You’ve flashed your exquisitely crafted diamonds and pearls at social gatherings or made a fashion statement with that rare piece of jewelry encrusted with gemstones. What if you got the luminosity of these rare gemstones in the beauty products of your daily skincare regimen? You must have read reviews or heard about beauty and skincare products with ingredients such as diamond dust and pearl powder and wondered about their effectiveness. It’s time to discover the range of skincare products from the Tresor Rare stable and up your glam quotient without trying too hard. Before the men of the household feel left out, there is a selection of products, including a moisturizing balm and firming eye serum, to soothe their skincare woes as well. Skin Protection Tips for a Luxurious Feeling Diamond Dust Diamond dust works as an excellent exfoliator and moisturizer, reduces the damage caused by exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun, protects collagen, and prepares the skin to be more receptive to skincare products applied afterward. You can choose from an array of products to add glitter to your beauty care routine by selecting the Express Tightening Lifting Mask or Express Lifting Concentrated Cream for a sculpted look, firmer skin, and even skin tone. Blue Sapphire Beauty products infused with blue sapphire relaxes and heals the skin, calms inflamed skin, exfoliates and rejuvenates skin cells, and imparts a youthful glow and radiance to a dull complexion. Tresor Rare’s Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Facial Treatment Cream combats the signs of aging and leaves you with nourished and soft skin. If you have dry or combination skin, you need more than just a moisturizer to soothe your fine lines and wrinkles. Our Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Mask Mystique promises to give you a tighter skin with visibly fewer wrinkles. We all take care of our facial skin. Some of us spare a thought for our neck while others don’t worry about it all. But the skin of our neck is an extension of our face and requires tender loving care regularly. Dermatologists recommend moisturizing the back of the neck as a potent anti-aging tip; it lifts the skin at the front as well as prevents slackening over time. Our Blue Sapphire Complete Age Defying Neck Concentrate conditions the skin of the neck and works on fine lines and wrinkles. Pearl Powder Skincare products infused with pearl powder reduces the signs of fatigue and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes skin elasticity and collagen production, and acts as a natural sunscreen. Customers looking for these attributes can opt for Tresor Rare’s Ultimate Skin Essence; it combats the harmful effects of pollution on your skin and gives you a brighter and glowing complexion. The Ultimate Pearl Soothing Makeup Remover completely removes all traces of makeup and leaves the skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. Our Product Range at Tresor Rare You religiously follow the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine to fight the ravages of pollution and stress on your skin but still want to go the extra mile to ensure baby soft, youthful and radiant skin around the year. Or you belong to the not-so-young club and your skin needs pampering to help you flaunt it with élan. You can invest your time and effort in choosing products from the Tresor Rare range, including serums, moisturizers, cleansers, and toners, and rediscover your youthful looks while conditioning your skin with liposomes, phospholipids, plant stem cells, and essential minerals. Be a member of the exclusive well informed consumers’ society. For a complete shopping experience with us, review our products that speak to your skin. Visit us on social media: Tresor Rare Facebook Page: Tresor rare Facebook Reviews: Tresor Rare Instagram Page: Tresor Rare Twitter page: Tresor Rare YouTube Channel: Pic by @caro_gaud