BRAND HISTORY   The Tresor Rare brand was created in 1979 in the UK by Mrs. Genia Russo at the age of 57. She was a French entrepreneur with a unique sense for fashion, elegance, exquisite taste, and passion for the extra ordinary. She envisioned a luxurious skin care product, which would have all of the healing capabilities of all the good nature has to offer.

No expenses were spared in sourcing passionate, rare and exquisite active ingredients from all corners of the world. No effort was spared in creating unique and luxurious skincare creations. During the 80’s Tresor Rare rose to fame in Europe and was mostly present in the UK and in Hong Kong (being a British colony). The brand re-ignited its presence in 2010 under new management. 

An extravagant development plan was put together for the brand, and in 2013 glory was restored to the brand with the opening of its UK flag ship store located on Oxford street and 8 additional shops were opened that year in the USA. In addition Tresor Rare received international recognition for its excellence by receiving the Health Beauty America award and the Cosmetics Business UK awards. In 2014 the brand opened its Hong Kong flag shop, and expanded its presence to additional major cities around the world such as Macau, Mauritius, Madrid, San Sabastian, The Bahamas, Mexico and additional locations in the UK.

Today the brand boosts over 30 shops present in the world's leading shopping streets.